New Work Charter

Why a New Work Charter?

We stand for a clear, humanistic and social version of New Work

We show how to reconcile the original concept with today's economy

We give companies a holistic framework for their projects

New Work Charter

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Our working world is in transition. In the area of tension between globalization, digitization, demography, knowledge growth and climate change, companies are looking for solutions to their internal and external challenges:

  • Within companies, the digitization of business processes, new value chains, as well as changed values and expectations of employees and managerscall for new impulses for management, cooperation and leadership.
  • Outside the companies, some of their markets are changing extremely fast, produc-tion cycles are shortening, complex conditions and lack of predictability prevail. These circumstances require a new way of thinking, a new capacity to act beyond the old strategic self-certainty of “right -wrong”.

In order to meet these challenges, there are many methods, measures and opinions under the keyword New Work. Originally conceived as a social utopia by Prof. Frithjof Bergmann, New Work has increasingly established itself as a philosophy for the economy as well.

  • New Work seeks to provide meaningful answers to questions about future leadership models andorganizational structures, process and product dynamics, new values, and complex economic contexts -economically and humanly.
  • New Work combines a positive image of mankind with modern psychological research and innovative methods of leadership, collaboration, architecture and organization. Thus, it provides a valuable building block for the management of tomorrow.
  • Beyond isolated measures and individual methods, the essence of New Work focuses on five principles that are reflected in everyday business life: freedom, self-responsibil-ity, purpose, development and social responsibility.

So far, however, an overarching definition of New Work for the economy is missing; The present New Work Charter seeks to fill this gap and define new work for business at thelevel of working principles, providing guidance to businesses, practitioners, scientists and other New Work stakeholders. This succeeds with the elaboration of the just mentioned five princi-ples, which are explained in more detail below:

Future is shaped with curiosity and confidence. New Work therefore means actively engaging with new ideas and topics, with the following options:

  • Creating experimental spaces for New Work: To keep New Work from becoming an abstract concept, organizations should literally create spaces to test new collaborative methods, new architectural concepts, new leadership models and production pro-cesses.
  • Creating a culture of freedom from fear: Anyone who tries new things also makes mistakes. Organizations should guide their leaders to forgive mistakes made by them-selves and others and to learn from them.
  • Strengths of common networking: New work brings new insights and lives from shar-ing this knowledge. Organizations therefore benefit from active interface management and intensive networking between managers, teams and departments.

Participation sometimes produces no decision but its delay. In order for organizations to remain able to act, they should specifically promote the self-responsibility of managers and employees:

  • Establishing models of self-organization: New Work-organizations promote self-organization and self-regulation at various levels. This not only implies the use of ap-propriate methods, but requires deliberate debate and a corresponding attitude of all involved.
  • Extending budget authority: Money is a critical asset in organizations. New Work promotes the individual and collective budget authority and thus real financial respon-sibility of one’s own decisions.
  • Establish financial participation models: Property is a strong motivator for respon-sibility. Organizations should collectively engage their employees in theirsuccess or make them individual co-owners of the organization.

Every organization serves a purpose, a value creation. New Work -organizations involve their employees in finding and perfecting this sense through conscious, structured processes:

  • Carrying on a self-aware corporate identity: New Work -organizations enable collective exchanges among all employees, creating a corporate identity that expresses the essence of the organization in symbols, values and actions.
  • Defining a clear added value: New Work -organizations can clearly identify their eco-nomic, social, scientific or cultural value creation. This added value consciously goes beyond purely financial variables such as sales or margin.
  • Meaningful design of everyday work-life: New Work -organizations can always answer the why question, be it in terms of portfolio, personnel strategy, organization or technology. The design of these dimensions is rational and subject to the higher value added.

More than ever before, organizations need innovative impulses. New Work -organizations empower their employees to innovate through the targeted promotion of creative skills:

  • Establishing collective learning structures: The knowledge of the world has long exceeded the learning ability of the individual. New Work -organizations enable their employees to learn from each other, to jointly expand their skills and thus to develop themselves personally.
  • Strengths of continuous self-renewal: Today, companies are less than ever allowed to rest on their laurels. New Work -organizations promote their self-renewal through mechanisms of self-reflection, including through “healthy” discarding of outdated or dysfunctional relationships.
  • Establishing graded, collective decision-making structures: New Work -organizations adapt their decision-making processes to the requirements. This increasingly in-cludes testing and introducing decisions that are made in the structured collective.

Organizations are embedded in a world beyond the factory gates. New Work -organizations strengthen coexistence and their attachment to local society:

  • Considering sustainable and ecological business: New Work -organizations acknowledge that their economic value creation must take into account the careful use of resources and the protection of the environment.
  • Rooting the company through regional engagement: New Work -organizations en-hance people’s lives across organizational boundaries by engaging in community, science, technology or culture.
  • Conscious adherence to the principle of the respectable merchant: New Work -organizations follow a fair tax practice, they do not over-benefit their partners, suppliers and customers and deal transparently with their own misconduct.

Be there and sign our charter!

Graphic humanfy Five New Work Principles New Work Charter

We, the signatories of this charter, are convinced of a fundamental change in the world of work.

We consider the five principles of freedom, self-responsibility, purpose, development and social responsibility to be fundamental and forward-looking in order to survive as a company in a new world of work.

We support and promote these principles in our companies and actively participate in shaping them – for the future of ourcompanies and for a contribution to a liveable society.

Yes, I support your New Work initiative and sign the New Work Charter. (I can revoke my signing at any time by email.)

What happens after your signing?

We want to conduct events, workshops and studies all over Germany that focus on the content of the Charter on the one hand and on specific topics or questions from companies on the other. 

And of course, we will continue to build, nurture and learn from our signatory community. We believe in the productive exchange in networks and understand ourselves accordingly as a platform for lively exchange, valuable events and the development of relevant knowledge.

The Signers


Markus Väth • Arthur Soballa • Anja Gstoettner

First signatories

Danyal Bayaz, MdB
Prof. Dr. Winfried Weber, Peter Drucker Society of Mannheim e.V.
Social Entrepreneurship Baden-Württemberg e.V.
Dr. Winfried Felser, Geschäftsführer, Netskill Solutions GmbH
Detlev Trapp, Geschäftsführer, cidpartners GmbH
Manuel Kreitmeir, Geschäftsführer, Ohana Social Enterprise GmbH
Dr. Stefan Döring, Abteilung E- und Open Government, Stadt München
Hendrik Epe, IdeeQuadrat
Heidi Mathias, Inhaberin, hm.creative consulting
Andrea Hestermann
Klaus Michael Schindlmeier, HOTALENTS Agentur für Mitarbeiterdesign
Michael Kroheck, Kroheck & Co. GbR
Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Universität Mannheim
Georg Kühling, kuehlingconcept
Mareike Schäfer, #FORTSCHRITT
Mark Heyen, Geschäftsführer, 3kubik GmbH
Uwe Lübbermann, Gründer, PREMIUM
Henrik Zaborowski
Natalia Streck
Peter Sticksel, Director Human Resources, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH
Iris Topheide, CEO, Innovative Work
Helge Thomas, Creative Director, ottomisu Communication GmbH
Anke Schnitzer, Leitung Academy, CompuSafe AG
Katharina Krentz, Senior Consultant New Work Methods, Lead Working Out Loud Initiative, Robert Bosch GmbH
Judith Weidner, Logistics Process Consultant, Siemens AG
Günther Wagner, Coach | Speaker | New Work – Philosoph
Harald Schirmer, Trusted Irritator / Organisationstebell / Transformer, Continental AG
Kathrin Holzberg
Dirk Aßmann-Staudt, Inhaber, WandelWerk
Jens Möller, Innovationscoach | Autor
Paiman Minavi, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, migosens GmbH
Anja Seidel, Leiterin Personalentwicklung, BITMARCK Holding GmbH
Thomas Dehler, Geschäftsführer, GEFTA
Nicole Bußmann, Chefredakteurin, managerSeminare Verlags GmbH
Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly, Studiengangsleiter Wirtschaftspsychologie, SRH Hochschule Berlin
Carla Otto
Stefan Scheller, Blogger | Speaker | Buchautor,
Bernd Vogel, Director Henley Centre for Leadership, Henley Business School
Nina Metz, Erster Vorstand, Zentrifuge e.V.
Thomas Dormann, Gründer, Möbelkollektiv GmbH
Benjamin Keller, Unternehmenskulturgestalter
Julia von Winterfeldt, Founder, SOULWORX GmbH
Anna Kaiser, CEO, tandemploy GmbH
Johannes Ceh

Other signers

Michael Terstesse, Agile Management Consultant, HR Pioneers
Ragner Heil, Channel Account Manager, Quest
Birgit Stülten, Inhaberin, Stülten Consulting
Stefan Lechner, CEO, Bau-Werte
Elsa Breit, Doktorandin, Universität Siegen
Clemens Weins, Leader / Innovation / Account, kuehlhaus AG
Peter Gehlmann, Gesundheitscoach
Benjamin Brunsch, Connect2develop
Katrin Faensen, Partner Customer Solutions, Visual Facilitators
Stefanie Preisinger, Community Manager, Continental AG
Guido Bosbach, ZUKUNFTheute
Svenja Hofert, Geschäftsführerin, Teamworks GTQ Gesellschaft für Teamentwicklung und Qualifizierung
Jacob Chromy, quäntchen + glück
Ralf Metz, Wegbegleiter zur lernenden Organisation, me&me | coaching for organizations
Michael Plentinger, CEO, Greple GmbH
Franziska Köpnick
Angelika Schaffland
Anja Konopka, Agil-Evangelistin, Real Agil – Für Unternehmen auf Veränderungskurs
Frank Hohmeyer
Astrid Overbeck, Inhaberin, Personalcoaching Astrid Overbeck
Annika Leopold, Inhaberin, Die Digitalwerkstatt
Vanessa Kubek, Vorstand, Institut für Technologie und Arbeit
Christine Jung, Frei-Räume: Coaching und Beratung
Helga Brüggemann, Inhaberin, Systemische Beratung Düsseldorf
Hermann Doppler, Managementberatung Doppler
Tobias Illig
René Hirt, Fachexperte, Swisscom Schweiz AG
Albert Klamt
Markus Stoisser
Stefan Röcker, Geschäftsführer, Kultur-Komplizen
Daniela Röcker, Geschäftsführerin, Kultur-Komplizen
Tomas Schneider, M&O – Management- & Organisationsberatung Tomas Schneider
Prof. Dr. Manuela Kesselmann, IZWA Institut Zukunft.Wirtschaft.Arbeit®
Dirk Rosenkranz, IT / Prozesse, KIST Büro- und Objekteinrichtung GmbH
Ulrich Reiche, Siemens AG
Torsten-Roman Jacke, Jacke & Jacke GbR – Die Ermöglicher
Fabian Kuttenkeuler, Würth Elektronik
Sonja Pennig, JABERA Unternehmens- & Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH
Heike Oestreich, In Trans•for•ma•tion
Claudia Heipertz, Inhaberin, Claudia Heipertz Marketingberatung
Dietmar Simon, Geschäftsführer, deloop management consulting GmbH & Co. KG
Johannes Brehme, Redesign Future – Labor für Zukunftsgestaltung
Friederike Euwens, AllesRoger UG
Daniel Grundke, Daniel Grundke Unternehmensberatung und Coaching
Matthias Frank
Heiko Bartlog, Heiko Bartlog – Gastgeber für Innovation
Markus Specht, SpechtZeit
Jürgen Schubert, Senior Innovation Manager, hl-studios
Marc Frey, Business Activist, Simplify Business Innovators
Kirsten Biema, Entrepreneur, iSynergy | BusinessDesign
Iris Fischer, Senior Consultant, Systemischer Coach & Supervisorin, HRC-HumanResourcesConsulting
Katrin Steglich, +zone research facilitation publikation KG
Inga Ketels, Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft
Klaudia Weber
Maximilian Sädler, Geschäftsfeldentwickler, WISPO AG
Steffie Vieler, Geschäftsführerin, urWay
Thomas Staehelin, +zone research facilitation publikation KG
Christina Geiger, Organisationsentwicklung, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Matthias Jung, Fachbereichsleiter Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt (KDA), Ev.-luth. Landeskirche Hannover
Julia Wieland
Benjamin Koch, Geschäftsführer, allynet GmbH
Benjamin Godbersen, Mitgründer, New Work Academy
Stephan Frederik Becker, New Work Academy
Vanessa Monz, Coaching für Andersdenker
Lisa Hoffmann, Leiterin Marketing, ewert GmbH
Pavel Kraus, Präsident, Swiss Knowledge Management Forum
Daniel Weidler, Partner und Creative Director, ACTINCOMMON
Henriette Wienges, Mitgründerin, New Work Academy
Michael Veeser-Dombrowski, Inhaber, Praxis für Supervision und Coaching
Thor van Horn, Quantum Kunst
Christoph Schlachte, CS Seminare
Jennifer Vieting, Personalentwicklerin, BITMARCK Holding GmbH
Antje Lehmann-Benz
Stefan Nadenau, Partner, USN
Tim Weinert, in:charge
Nils Ehnert, Die Denkerei
Lydia Schültke, Gründerin, #workhacks
Patrick Sender
Debora Stein
Eva Maria Goldlamm, Personalmanagement
Hermann Eckel, Geschäftsleiter, tolino modia GmbH & Co. KG
Ingo Oberortner, Geschäftsführer, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Rechenzentrum
Marc Wagner, Managing Partner, DETECON International
Thomas Sattelberger, MdB
Julia Collard, doppel[t]spitze
Thimo Fries, Leiter Stellenbesetzung, Bosch Rexroth AG
Sven Malinowski
Sabine Betz-Ungerer, Geschäftsführerin
Melanie Zucker, Visual Business Coach
Andreas Schlüter
Christoph Steven, Geschäftsführer, futureworks consulting
Detlev Kluge, Agile Coach, Bauer Xcel Media
Juliane Röll, Structure & Process
Heiko Veit, Heiko Veit Organisationsentwicklung
Stefan Müller
Erci Bahr, Gründer und Geschäftsführer, Kineticworks GmbH
Martina Goldammer
Peter Tscherne, Gründer, Peter Tscherne Kommunikationsmanagement und Beratung
David Nitschke, Director of Coaching & Training Programs, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Sandra Kaul, Gründerin, KIWIBLAU
Sarah Kufner
Frank Tiefel, Digital Transformation Manager, PSD Bank
Claudia Beer
Dr. Manuel Illi, Consultant, QualityMinds GmbH
Robert Hopp, (R)evolutionäre Betriebssysteme, Designer, Ausbilder, Coach, Augmented Leadership Academy
Ute Schaeffer, Digital Communication Professional
Thomas Mampel, Geschäftsführer, Stadtteilzentrum Steglitz e.V.
Dr. Steffen Tomschke, CEO,
Leana Stein
Conny Dethloff, Mensch, Otto Group
Andreas Römer, AGENTUR RÖMER
Georgi Ediberidze, Siemens AG
Alexander Wetzel
Rüdiger Schneider, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, aconsea gmbh
Bettina Hofstätter, Geschäftsführerin, TRAUMUNTERNEHMEN – Connecting People GmbH
Doris Beck, Partner, CUM NOBIS
Caroline Weindel
Torsten Kluin
Jonny Hofer
Conny Harlinghausen, Unternehmenskulturgestalterin
Achmed E. Cakir, Geschäftsführer, ERGONOMIC Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialforschung
Jens Fuderholz, Speaker | Autor | Unternehmer
Senta Gekeler, Online-Redakteurin, Human Resources Manager
Lother Kireth
Stefan O. Berns
Sabrina Gall, Beratung in Führung & Veränderung
Torben Lentge
Christian Kaiser, Leiter Change & Transition, DATEV eG
Martin Greszik
Pia Maria Holle
Thomas Andersen, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Andersen Marketing KG
Timm Margenfeld, Head of Learning & Development, Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Ressources
Harald R. Fortmann, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, five14 GmbH
Philipp Bohn, Circuit
Daniel Dirkes, Geschäftsführer, Concept Reitplatzbau GmbH & Co. KG
Stefan Bauer, Eli Lilly & Company
Eva Klären
Monika Birkner, Strategieberatung, Freedom Business Transformation
Michael Fritz, Geschäftsleitung, Fritz & Fritz GmbH
Stephan Hasselbach, Produktmanager, VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
Simone Marquis, Stay active! Improvisationscoach
Susanne Heubischl, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Berufs-u. Wirtschaftspädagogik
Daniela Wendling, Agile Transformation Manager, Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften (ADG)
Christel Sohnemann
Gilbert Dietrich, Executive Director, Aperto
Karin Lausch, Systemischer Coach | Beraterin | Agile Coach
Tobias Lipper, Projektleiter Digital Business, BNW gemeinnützige GmbH
Julia Rudolf, Personalleiterin, VDI GmbH
Ursula Diettrich, Senior Beraterin, Netzwerk für Changemangement (nfcm)
Michael Mirow, Honorarprofessor für strategisches Management | Advisor | Business Angel
Manueal Kunst, Software-Entwicklerin
Susanne Junk, Project Manager Digital Transformation, Wintershall Dea
Benjamin Blankenburg, Geschäftsführer, explico design
Timo Schips, Independent Strategy Director
Carmen Hölter
Peter Eichmüller, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, communicall GmbH
Markus Metz
Dr. Stefan Bartling, kommunikationsKULTUR
Andreas Eichhhorn, Change Agent | Business Development, Cosmo Consult
Gottfried Epp, Psychologe | Trainer | Coach, Eudaimonic
Gabriela Mischkale
Claudia Sisolefsky
Clemens Gutmann, Leiter Vermarktung Digital Education Recruiting & HR, HRM Research Institute GmbH Mannheim
Christian Reschke, No title, just roles, kuehlhaus AG
Alexander Maria Faßbender, Founder, Space Coach Academy
Detlev Artelt, CEO, aixvox GmbH
Ania Bakowski
Nadine Nobile, Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin, CO:X
Nadine Krachten, DIE VerkaufstrainerIN
Ute Schmeiser, Schmeiser Marketing
Andreas Benkowitz, Geschäftsführer, align to strategy solutions GmbH
Franziska Beer, Fachstelle Kinderbetreuung Luzern
Kim Nena Duggen
Dr. Francesca Mega, Neuroscience-Consultant | Facilitator | Human, EMBODIED INTUITION
Markus Müller, Owner | Partner, SOULWORXX GmbH
Katherina Bravo, Dynamic Leadership Development, Bravo Leadership
Mareike Brensing, BuGaSi GmbH
Renke Holert, Geschäftsführer, Holert GmbH
Thorsten Kolbinger, Geschäftsführer, BEONTRA GmbH
Robert Birker, Möglichmacher, interactive tools GmbH
Jürgen Gerstner, new roots
Isabell Schulz, Head of HR
Nicolas Korte, Geschäftsführer, ETABO GmbH
Clemens Stieger, CEO, GfP
Lothar Kaszmek, Inhaber, Kaszmek + Partner
Marcus K. Reif
Marcel Rütten
Julia Küting, Head of HR & Development
Sebastian Arps, Inhaber, Elementartraining
Merve  Krabbenhöft
Sonja Marhenke
Lars Inselmann, Business Director, C3
Claudia Haußmann, Corporate Learning & Agile Coach,
Nora Beyer, journalist_autor_bike guide
Gerald Petersen, gentineX GmbH & Co. KG
Katharina Großmann, Consultant Work Smart, migosens GmbH
Benedikt Neubauer, HR Specialist Benchmarking, Law Evolution, Funding, Airbus Operations GmbH
Sven Robin, O+P Consult GmbH
Bernd Fels, Mitgründer, if5 GmbH & Co. KG
Ferdinando De Maria, Redfish Think Tank
Christine Radomsky, Dr. Radomsky Coaching & Training
Iwan Hofer, Inhaber, capacitas
Susanne Küspert, Head of HR Strategy & Diversity, Deutsche Bahn AG
Mirja Landes
Karin Johannes, real media technic STAUDACHER
Joona Bradtke, Agile Coach | Psychologe
Claudia Zeimes, Claudia Zeimes Coaching
Britta Redmann, Arbeitsrecht | Mediation | Coaching
Marlen Luther, Inhaberin, Luther Kommunikation und Lutherhof
Claudia Jordan
Lorenz Illing, Managing Partner, TAM Akademie GmbH
Christiane Hümmer, Studiosus Reisen München GmbH
Julia Kotrba
Philipp Jung, Geschäftsführer, Quest-Team Philipp Jung GmbH
Christiane Reuter-Herkner
Dr. Jan Ullmann, E-Learning-Trainer & Berater, Lernhandwerk
David Cummins, Ministry Group GmbH
Franziska Gütle, Smart Operations & Lean Manager, Atlas Copco IAS GmbH
Jana Schönfeld, Hettich Gruppe
Ralf Janßen, Founder, Kompano Entwicklungsberatung
Nicola Dambacher
Maurice Malten, Freiberuflicher Trainer, Systemisches Institut Kassel
Heinrich Scharp, Coach und Berater, Scharp Consulting GmbH
Jean Michel Diaz, Geschäftsführer, Echometer GmbH
Eva-Maria Schmidt, Inhaberin, Füllhorn
Christian Bäumer, Smart Operations & Lean Expert, Atlas Copco IAS GmbH
Carsten Wormland, Leiter Digitale Allin, inTransition
Felix Kemna
Alexander Kämmerer, beed GmbH
Martin Bühre, Betriebsratsvorsitzender, enercity Gruppe
Viktoriia Rybakova, Employer Branding Manager, Enchilada Gruppe
Maximilian Figel
Britta Trompeter
Jens Wetzel
Katja Schwedhelm, Studiengangsleitung Wirtschaftspsychologie, Kalaidos FH
Andreas Achtziger, Geschäftsführung, business transformation & data orchestration, ayoka GmbH & Co. KG
Sandra Vorhofer
Simone Dappert, Unternehmerin, Konsultwerk Simone Dappert Unternehmensberatung
Christine Schels, Spezialistin Entwicklung, PSD Bank Nürnberg eG
Ute App
Ledjo Pashaj
Anika Tannebaum
Agnes Baldauf, Inhaberin, Agnes Baldauf Beratung und Coaching
Daniel Alt, Gründer + Geschäftsführer, Institut für digitales Management
Thomas Wendrich, Personalreferent, BKK Mobil Oil
Martin Gawlak, Chief People Officer, Spotcap Global Services GmbH
Dirk Richter
Sebastian Becker, DesignThinker
Alexandra Michel
Matthias Kunert, Geschäftsführer, cubeoffice GmbH & Co. KG
Kerstin Hattar, Leiterin Vertrieb und Beratung, Expert People Management GmbH
Manuel Grassler, Founder, VISIONENBAUEN – Innovations- und Organisationsberatung
Daniela Kauffmann
Rüdiger Stöckgen, Geschäftsführer, .diff communications GmbH
Annette von Foullon
Ralph Heymann
Juliane Wrobel, Clicks Online Business e.K.
Gerhard Peham, Inhaber, die Schatzsucher
Daniela Schlegel, Founder,
Marina Schemmert, Geschäftsführerin, B!nnovation
Karin Dölla-Höhfeld, Inhaberin, Höhfelds Hof • Zentrum für Selbst- und Gesundheitsmanagement
Niels Jung, Head of Test Center, Erwin Hymer Group SE
Markus Heidak, #FORTSCHRITT
Bastian Stange, Agile Coach, Harlequin Coaching und Consulting
Markus Teschner
Marc Besten, IT Security, iba AG
Stefanie von Rhein, Marketing/CRM
Stephan Heinrich, CEO, playfulmind GmbH
Thomas Krause, Future of Work Guide
Stephan Jagielski
Nicole Thurn, Editor, New Work Stories
Manfred Sauerbrey, Evangelische Jugend
Nadja Petranovskaja, More Shiny Eyes
Erik Mautsch, Agile Coach, NLP Coach, Psych. Berater, em c² | coaching • consulting
Joachim Beyer-Wagenbach, Coach für innere Stimmigkeit, Die Macht der Stimme & DenkRaum FÜHRUNG
Angelika Neumann
Jürgen Elkeries, Future4Business
Heiko Schmidt, Spezialist Entwicklung, PSD Bank Nürnberg
Jan Pleis, Founder, GOOE
André Claaßen
Özgür Ergel